Our 10 Favorite Cars from NASCAR Champ Joey Logano’s Collection

Joey Logano started driving a race car at age six. That was a quarter midget his dad bought him. On the front of it was painted, “Joey The Big Dawg,” with a sketch of a large, menacing canine with big teeth.

By age nine, Logano was driving the water truck at his dad’s waste management facility “to keep the dust down.” The young Logano wasn’t strong enough to depress the clutch pedal in the large truck so his dad did it for him and told him to just keep driving till the water tank was empty, “then just stall it.”

Also at age nine, the young Logano started racing Legends cars, even though the series required drivers be at least 12.

“You were supposed to be 12 but I had one of those special birth certificates,” Logano has said.

From there he went to short-track late models and from thence to the big show in NASCAR. At 18 he became the youngest driver to win a Nationwide race, and at 19 became the youngest to win a Cup race. He won the Daytona 500 in 2015. By 2018 he was the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Champion.

All very impressive stuff, but have you seen his car collection?

You may have, since he seems happy to share it with media outlets around the world and even has his own YouTube series called Carography With Joey Logano. He called the other day to discuss his collection. We didn’t get through all of the cars—he has “between 35 or 40, somewhere in there,” he said. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of Fords, since he drives a Ford in the Cup Series.

“I mean, honestly, I try to stay in the Ford brand,” he said. “Because, one, I love it, and I can use it for promotional things and drive not feeling like, ‘you’re cheating on your wife,’ you know what I mean?”

If he buys a car that’s not a Ford, he tries to get one from a brand that’s long-since out of business. He feels that if a brand is defunct, like Hudson or Muntz, then he’s cool with getting one of those. Anyone have a Muntz Jet for sale? Logano is looking to get one for his son, Jameson Jett Logano. Yes, the kid’s middle name is Jett, as in Muntz Jet. His other son is named Hudson. Hudson already has a Hudson pickup truck, even though he’s four years old. Hey, start ’em young.

But for now, let’s look at that car collection. Here are our ten favorites, in no particular order.


1935 Ford Pickup Truck from Factory Five

“I built a Factory Five drift truck. It’s got a Cup motor in it and a five-speed sequential transmission in it. It’s faster than my race car because it’s way lighter. It’s just an incredible vehicle.”

You can see Logano drifting this car in his Carography series.

“We have fun. You’re gonna have a car, you better drive it. I’m not a big fan of trailer queens that you park in the garage and never drive. Cars are meant to be driven. low-mileage cars.”

This one can do a lot of tricks.

“We wanted to make a car that’s very versatile, that could do about anything. And this is it. This thing could go to a race track and be fast because we put a Cup motor in it—850 horsepower in this bad boy. And we made it to where we could drift, too, because we wanted to do some fun things. The upper control arms are all cut out to get more steering angle. We mated it to a five-speed sequential just because it’s cool. thing about it is you could do burnouts all day and it’s got the knock-off tires from the Cup car—throw those on it and keep doin’ burnouts. So that whole thing is a lot of fun.”

“We call it the ‘Mach 22’ (his Cup number is 22). This has got all the cool styling that you’d want. Kinda matches the same paint scheme as Ford GT but it has a modern drivetrain in it. a 5.0 Coyote with a supercharger.


1961 Ford Econoline Pickup

“I found this at the race track. A security guard had it here in Charlotte. I eventually talked him into buying it. I said, ‘What do we do with this thing? What do we put in the bed of it?’ I’m not going to go to the local home improvement store and put a bunch of lumber in the back of it. We put a TV in the back, go camping with the family.”

“This car is the complete opposite (of his Model T). It makes you feel like you’re going 60 when you’re going 140. It’s a special edition, all of them had the number 2 on it but I said, ‘ I can’t have my teammate’s number on it. It is also VIN number 22.”

“Everyone’s gotta have a Fox body Mustang. You either love ’em or you hate ’em.”

“This is where it all began. This, to me, is one of my favorites because you feel like you’re going 140 miles an hour when you’re going 30, on big wooden wheels and the car wants to roll over. Everything you do is kinda backwards driving it—the way the pedals work and the throttle and all, and there’s something about hand-cranking the motor.”

Logan has said in several videos that the Model T is his favorite car.

“It’s what made Ford Ford, it’s what put ’em on the map. This thing is a blast, but it is a beast to drive. It is a lot of fun to put your wife in there, go for a day, go for a little cruise. You don’t want to go too far because you’re not going to get anywhere too quick and you gotta make sure the weather’s good because the windows don’t roll up.”


1946 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan

I asked him which of his cars would make a good race car.

“It’d be a couple of different cars off top my mind. Not that it’d be a good race car, but they used to race those, ya know, with the flatheads in ’em. I have a ’46 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan. It’s kind of funny to think they used to race this. a year ago, two years ago, maybe now. And so the fact that they used to race it blows my mind.”

Joey Logano’s first son is named Hudson, so he bought him a Hudson pickup truck. A little background: I asked if there was a car he wants but hasn’t been able to get yet.

“Honestly, there’s one that I was trying to get, it was actually on a website not too long ago—it’s for sale. I want to get a Muntz Jet. My middle son is Jameson Jett. I bought my first son, my oldest son, a Hudson. He has had some big boy trucks and I thought to get him something, you know, kind of something for when he grows up to drive around on Sunday.”

So he has the Hudson for Hudson but needs the Muntz Jet for Jett. The youngest Loganos welcomed a sister into the family in February. Her name is Emilia Love Logano. Don’t know what kind of vehicle she’ll be getting. Something fun, for sure.

Logano has a few of his race cars in the collection. One is set up with a passenger seat to give rides, another is set up as a drift car that starred in another video with Vaughn Gittin Jr., and a third is a straight-up race car.


1953 Ford Cabover Ramp Truck

“You guys probably know Ruttledge Wood,” Logano said on one of his videos. “I’ve known him a helluva long time and he’s one hell of a salesman. And I got stuck with this thing. This is a big-old Ford cabover ramp truck. This is a project vehicle. We haven’t yet figured out exactly what we want to do with it, but we know it’s a big project just ’cause it’s big. It’d be nice to roll into a car show and throw a real neat car on top, maybe the Model T or something.”

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